Time Lapse It


With Time Lapse Photography we record your entire project by using our advanced DSLR 24MP 6K cloud system with live user interface.

It captures photos at regular intervals every day, these are then sorted and edited to create a Time Lapse video.


Having access to your own online project portal gives you and your team 24 hour real time access to your project, anywhere in the world.



  • Record construction sequence and methodologies
  • Meet government contractual requirements
  • Videos for construction and project updates, showcasing projects and stakeholder engagement
  • Bring projects to life and engage audiences
  • Archive a visual record for history
  • Marketing and promotional, show new customers what you do
  • Remote monitoring
  • Photo proof of conditions before, during and after the project can help your client settle liability disputes
  • Providing the photo coverage of long term time-lapse may help your clients reduce insurance premiums


With 64% of online consumers saying they’re more likely to buy after watching a product video, you can no longer avoid video for your online marketing. And, when your product or service involves slow change over a long period, time-lapse is a great way to tell your story in a short, punchy marketing video. With time-lapse, photos are taken at regular intervals (anything from one per second to one per day) from the same vantage point, and then compiled together in a video that showcases the normally slow transformation in just seconds. Time-lapse videos are growing in popularity (web searches for ‘time-lapse’ have increased 400% since the start of 2009), and a good time-lapse video can be shared thousands of times on social media within hours of being put online.


•. Real time access and progress of projects
•. Stakeholder and community engagement
•. Real time monitoring
•. Video updates
•. Security
•. Project planning

•. Construction sequences and methodologies
•. OH&S management
•. Historical recording
•. After hours access
•. People movement
•. Asset protection  
•. Proof of Delivery
•. ​Weather

•. Proof of delivery
•. OH&S management
•. Historical recording
•. After hours access
•. People movement
•. Asset protection
•. Deliveries
•. ​Weather

Time Lapse It



We meet with you to discuss the project and do a site inspection to determine mounting position


Participate in any site inductions

Install the system

Set up your online portal with your company branding

Determine the best capture intervals for your project 

We continually monitor the unit status

Sort, select and edit photos regularly

Create and supply video at the end of the project and during the project if required

Provide the edited still images that we have used in the video


Our time lapse cameras can be mounted to  existing infrastructure.

Our 9 metre rapid mast is perfect for locations that have no existing infrastructure to mount units on to.

Added alternatives include a 9 metre towable trailer mast that can be towed directly to your location. Or we can provide a heavy concrete block with 9.5 metre tilt mast.

Set up is quick and easy without the need for digging, additional concreting or any special preparation.

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